Welcome! I'd love to work with you. Unfortunately, this is a one way conversation until you contact me - so to help you know a bit more about me and my credentials I've talked a lotttt about myself in the paragraph below. 


Hello! I'm Lizzy, and I can't wait to work with you

As a retoucher, I feel like I get to live in the world of making the impossible, possible. I create things that were never in a photograph originally, I erase unwanted distractions, and I can change hair color like it aint no thang. Sometimes it's like I'm a hairdresser, make up artist, and painter by day and then I realize I'm just a photoshop nerd by night. The truth is, I love my job! I love perfecting photographs and making them into all that they can be.

You can trust me with your images because I have years of experience. I've worked retouching for a TV network, as well as freelance. Although you can't have a college degree in editing (well.. not the kind I like!), I do have my BFA in Photography from Brigham Young University. This education taught me technical skills, but more than that it gave me a sense of self control when it comes to retouching. I believe in making people look their best, but not making them unrecognizable from their real appearance. 

I would love to work with you to help make your images look their very best! I'm quick at what I do, and I swear I don't bite. Go to the "contact" page if you'd like to get in touch or inquire about pricing!